Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Perfectly Purple for Epilepsy

Ta Da!!

Here it purple debut and oh so much brighter in person. I love it!

Luckily for my husband, I didn't try this sooner as I could easily have gotten into changing my hair color drastically and regularly. Ya gotta love Paintbox's Blueberry Hill!

"15 again, Mrs. M?"

Naw. See as I'm fundraising for Epilepsy's Bare Naked Noggins Head Shave in honor of our little man Bup and do not have long hair this year, I thought something vibrant and a little surprising was in store, hence the purple locks.

"Why purple? Why not something more auburn?
Purple is the signature color of Epilepsy so it's fitting.

My collas are purple passion and lavender.
Your colors are purple and purple!
My collas are purple passion and lavender!
Remind you of anything?

By the way, if you'd like to support my cause/Epilepsy please visit the Bare Naked Noggins web page and sponsor me...any little bit is a huge help. And if you're in the area next Thursday, the 19th, come on down to Banker's Hall and cheer all of us participants on as we are shorn in the name of "razing" awareness for Epilepsy.


  1. I think what your doing for the cause is wonderful! I would not have the courage to cut my hair so short, even for a cause, so I think your pretty amazing for doing that! Purple is my favourite color by the way :)

  2. I like it alot.


  3. I Love IT!!! Tried to get mine to some shade of purple today and I pull to darn much red....I will have to get that exact brand from you and where to get it....lovin' it!