Thursday, June 21, 2007

Behavior Management

Adult and child.
In a BDI interview for motherhood there would be so many great questions.
You are sitting on the couch nursing your 1 month old infant, your toddler is throwing items over the gate down the stairs. How did you stop your toddler & care for the baby?
After a long walk in the spring sunshine, you explain to your toddler that it's time to go in the house. Upon entering he kicks, screams, cries, attempts to get get the door closed but this show of emotion continues and now includes banging his head on the door, then knocking a kitchen chair sideways onto the floor. Meanwhile, the infant is crying needing desperately to be fed. How did you handle the tantrum?
While driving down the Deerfoot your toddler puts his foot on the baby's head and laughs loudly when you tell him to "Take your foot off the baby's head." How do you stop your toddler from continuing this behavior and keep the baby from receiving a sibling induced brain injury?

Oh, I could keep going. The only problem is I don't have the answers. Not effective ones anyway. Any suggestions? I'm open.

Has anyone read this? Thanks to Amazon it's on route to our house.

Last night was a glaring example that I over-eat when stressed. While preparing dinner for W & I (favorite husband was working late), I consumed ALOT of food....crappy food such as 2 chicken weiners, 3/4 box of white cheddar macaroni, cucumber, and a couple pieces of cheese thrown in there for good measure. Okay, so I am now very aware that I binge eat when stressed, so now how do I prevent it? The stress isn't going away. Thank goodness there wasn't any ice cream in the freezer and that I don't like pie or that Saskatoon pie would have been demolished. Good thing I'm not a drinker or I'ld be blogging from rehab with Miss Lohan and the other socialites.


  1. Hey! That sounds like a great dinner from my least a common one. I would have gone for the pie too.
    If you get any answers to your questions, send 'em on over here, pronto! My boys are good with the baby, but will do ANYTHING to piss me off. Add screaming baby and voila...momma is a nut case.

  2. Well hire a live-in nanny of course! (ha.) As for the stress eating... does it make you feel any better after the fact? does it? I've been stress eating like crazy and feeling noticably like crap, so I try to hang on to that emotion. I've noticed too that I cram my face with food when I'm tired or thirsty. And the biggest thing I've learned is the more crap I eat, the more I want. It's tough to wean yourself off, but once you do the cravings aren't as strong. (If you don't feed them, they get weak)

    Think about what we are capable of enduring, globally, it may be hard to resist those chicken weiners, but it's far from impossible. And when you do it, it's empowering enough to make it a little bit easier the next time.

    As for the rice vermicelli, I just get it at Superstore! if it's turning to mush, just try soaking it rather than boiling it - I pour boiling water over top and let it sit for 3 minutes (depending on the thickness of the noodles).

  3. ahh stress eating. wow i have been doing that and then some this last month. one thing you have to remember is that your body needs more fuel because you're breastfeeding. I remember feeling ravenous for the first couple months.

    I've also been wondering if pregnancy, breastfeeding, motherhood are doing something chemical/hormonal/etc (ie not just in my head, not just my lack of willpower). I remember 5 years ago my idea of binging was eating a whole row of cookies. I hardly ever had stuff in the cupboards... now maybe I'm using selective memory, but I don't remember having this same desire to stuff thing after thing into my mouth. Did some binging switch get turned on? This would kind of make sense from a evolutionary standpoint as we are now needing to provide enough calories for another being and in a time of scarcity it would be advantageous to be eating everything you could get your hands on.... just a thought

  4. No I feel worse after stresseating and while I'm consuming it all, I am consciously thinking about how bad this is for me yet do I stop? No. It's quite bizarre to knowingly participate in this pattern.