Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Picture This...

Descending the stairs to the main floor, I find W sitting on the island with B washing his face.
B: We had a little incident
M: What did he get into? Fruit?
B: No worse....your lipstick. He was sitting so quietly on the couch watching TV while I cooked his egg for breakfast. Then when I checked again he had your lipstick.
M: lol
B: How much did it cost?
M: MAC...about $15...but the pyjamas are $20.
W: whine, wiggle, whine..aka..quit washing my face and let me go!
Our life is now a zoo....might as well visit one too!
Park'n'Ride...first family of four trip to the park.
R's second bath at home. Thanks Dad!


  1. Look at you all adjusting and looking normal! You're making it look easy...

  2. Oh...looks can be SO deceiving!