Tuesday, June 5, 2007

"That'll Do Donkey"

While we were in hospital delivering R, the infamous Uncle B stayed with W. What a godsend! Not once did I worry about W. I wholeheartedly knew he was more than okay being at home with his Uncle.
However, during this time they fostered a love for Shrek. Apparently, W started hugging the TV anytime the Shrek & Ford commercials came on TV. Now, let me explain that those commercials are the only time W has seen Shrek. Until now the movie hadn't graced our household. I guess Uncle B felt sorry for our little man who was only able to see his new found friend in the odd commercial because he then delivered both DVDs for W. Who LOVES them! He's infatuated. And let me just add that it's helped me immensely in these new days of having two boys to care for. W asks for Shrek as soon as he gets out of bed (sorry Elmo....Shrek is #1 these days) and would watch Shrek 2 all day long if he was able.
Thanks Uncle B! You've saved us all. Shrek is my new found friend too.

PS: Come home soon....the boys are asking for you. All three of them!

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  1. My guys love Shrek too. We just recorded it off the tv, but it sure gets their attention. Some shows never do. It can be a real lifesaver!