Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer Saturdays

Welcome Summer! Despite the steady rain on Saturday my mom, baby and I attended the opening of this season's Millarville Farmer's Market. It is my favorite thing to do on a summer Saturday morning....the drive through the rolling foothills of the mountains, the fresh air, the walk, the Breakfast Bun (yum!), the shopping. Although the weather was wet and the ground super muddy, the market was still fairly well attended both my shoppers and vendors. There are new vendors this year....a few wool & knitting kiosks, one is a fair share shop with felted bags etc made my women in Nepal, they can also be found at the Calgary Farmer's Market. Their neat item is balls of "wool" made from recycled saris. The colors and texture are amazing. I'm pretty sure I'll return to purchase some sari "wool" and knit myself a scarf.
We managed to come home with a Saskatoon Pie, Sweet Cinamon Bread, and willow welcome sign, but there are so many other goodies that caught my time.
Our little man slept in the snuggly the whole morning. What a good boy! Many people questioned if there was a baby under my rain coat, and one couple asked if I had a "puppy under there?" "Definately not a puppy! I'm not that far gone!" I've seen people wheeling their dog in a stroller, but not using a snuggly.
And who did I see at the market? DW. A past co-worker from my days in real estate. In fact she is the reason my blog name is Mmmmmahvelous as she used to call me MM. Marvelous M. It was great to see her & chat for a moment or two. At the very least to have her meet my little R.
A lovely Saturday morning well spent. Can't wait to do it again.

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