Wednesday, June 13, 2007


3 1/2 weeks of c-section recovery and mostly I feel great. Much better than anticipated. Today I cheated and lifted & carried W a couple of times. It was just easier than attempting to convince him to follow my instructions. No evident fall out yet so hopefully it's a sign of good healing.
Tonight I finally removed all the steri-strips from my incision. After a much anticipated soak in the bath. What crazy nurses told me that I couldn't bath for 6 weeks? That's just so bizarre. Thank goodness I asked my sister/nurse/doula if that directive is really true! Anyway, after removing the steri-strips, I have decided who needs esthetics? Just apply medical tape in delicate places and then remove. Much less expensive than having a crafty, croation esthetician trying to sneak a brazilian in.


  1. Never been to Brazil. Too much of a chicken. Glad you got your bath.

  2. Well look at you, all taking' care of business!

  3. The babylegs are super cute! Let's see what I can come up with.