Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nose Candy

Today during a rare treat of popcorn while watching...you guessed it Shrek 2....I noticed W's left nostril was a bit runny and what else? A piece of popcorn sticking out of it! So I retrieved that, told him not to stick food up his nose and went to his bedroom to change R's diaper. Once finished this task I'm back with W, who now has his finger in his left nostril, only to hand me a piece of egg white the size of my middle finger's finger nail. Ugh! Yes we had eggs for breakfast. What else is hidden up there? Thank goodness he gave it to me though and wasn't retrieving it as a treat for later.
Apparently, whatever is stashed up there cannot travel any farther and will eventually be sneezed out. As long as it doesn't ferment or something.
Motherhood is not for those with a weak stomach. By 11am I had changed several diapers, been vomitted on and had nose popcorn and eggwhite in my hand.


  1. Great to hear that you're are doing so well and enjoying all the "glass half full" moments with your two boys.


    We haven't experienced that one yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time. Mom's have to have nerves and stomachs of steel.
    ALTHOUGH...I was relieved it was Daddy in charge when a certain someone managed to poop on the rug in his room right after bathtime yesterday. I had to help with cleanup, but I wasn't on direct duty at the time. Whew!

  3. lmao....am so glad my home isn't the only one w/ these issues.
    As long as it wasn"t Daddy pooping on the rug then it's all good!
    Welcome back Sweetpeas! You've been missed!