Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sweet Sleep

Does anything look sweeter than the face of a sleeping child?


  1. I swear that's what keeps us coming back! Sweet, Sweet.

  2. What a beautiful, and yes sleeping is the best, face! We think he looks so much like a Hodgins, but he is definitly a mix! How is it all going? We really need to get to see you four! I apologize that it has taken this long!

    Margo, there is no other way that a toddler can act. Ha Ha. It is their makeup, just like it is ours to worry so much and be so stressed! This too shall pass. I promise!

  3. Welcome Mrs. Cornberg! "Are you the cream of corn?
    Queen of Corn"~Hope Floats

    All is well...crazy, & sometimes overwhelming...but that's the way it is with family life. Right?