Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Dear friends were blessed with triplets this January (due date in April, but they arrived early). All babies are home now getting to know their 2 yr old sister. Can you imagine their household? Can you? I barely can fathom it.... 4 children under 2yrs of age. In addition to the "regular routine", Mrs. Triplet is nursing/pumping for these little ones. She is amazing! I need to look to her for guidance and inspiration to set up a schedule so that I can ensure R gets a bottle each day... among other showering, turning the TV (Shrek) off now & then, etc. My life is a breeze comparatively speaking.
Now, where is that motherhood manual? Why isn't it in English?

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  1. Just thinking about having triplets makes me want to hyperventilate. She has my deepest respect...and sympathy (not in a patronizing way, just feeling for her in a 'I hope you have all the support and help you can handle' way). And she probably manages to have a shower too!