Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boy Valentine

In an effort to provide some home-crafted valentine influence I "made" a valentine t-shirt for W to wear to his pre-school Valentine Party today. As well as Free Eating Thumbprint Cookies and heart shaped jam sandwiches.

Let's start with the Tshirt. The actual shirt was purchased at none other than the dollar store for $2. Wuhoo! I then created an iron on template of a paper hearts airplane inspired from here. Of course, my favorite husband couldn't tell it's an airplane because the fuselage looks like a carrot!:) Well! Our little cutie liked it regardless of the carrot likeness and he wore it with pride today. What can be wrong when it's on a black shirt...his favorite color?!

Now, the cookies.

Let it be known, that I, Mrs.M, HATE Free Baking.


I cannot get the hang of it. Every attempt at cookies, bread, muffins, oat cakes, etc in the GFCF-Sugar Free style are a bust. Dry, crumbly...horrible! Even my FH who loves a cookie, told me the thumbprint cookies are horrible...and they all went in to the garbage. So frustrating! Help! Any GFCF-Sugar Free baking gurus out there with tips and fool proof recipes? Cause my baking recipes are just fools.


  1. Love the shirt! If it makes you feel better, I saw a plane right away, not a carrot. GF baking seems scary to me with all the flours that I am not used to use, and the arrowroot powder and agar agar, or guar gums or whatever they are called (or whatever they are for, for that matter). Can't blame you for not liking doing it!

  2. I totally see the airplane, B must not be a visual kind of guy. I thought all men were, HHMMM who new!! Don't give up. I will keep looking.....


  3. I made peanut butter cookies today with 1 egg beaten, added 1/2cup sugar (maybe spenda would work), continue to beat and add 1 cup light peanut butter and beat abit more. Roll in balls and bake 12 minutes. Were delicious. And I do have that peanut butter made with peanuts and canola oil. You might be able to adapt something with this type of receipe. FH couldn't believe there was NO flour. Oh I do LOVE the $ store!

  4. Gram oh doe! Funny you should suggest pb cookies as I was just looking at a recipe for them & wondering if W would like them since he won't eat peanut butter...however I think that's a texture issue. Thanks for the tip!

  5. I have had to bake for some celiac people and I find if I just make recipes that don't have the ingredients in it to begin with is much better than substitutions. The problem with bread and buns etc.. is they need the gluten to make them properly.

    I don't know about the dairy free aspect but I find that meringue cookies work well or pavlova. There are some basic brownie recipes that work well by replacing flour with rice flower.

    I find that splenda works better in pie than cookies although I have not tried the new baking splenda or the brown sugar splenda.

    Good luck with it. I will consult my friends there was an apple cake I remember that was so good and you would never know it was gluten free.

  6. Super cute shirt!
    I feel for you in the baking dept. I seem to have no flair for any kind of cooking lately. Lots of barely average meals.
    Try the peanut butter cookies - that sounds yummy and a sure hit!