Thursday, February 4, 2010

Smiling Down

A dear family friend's death this past week has brought the topic of death closer to home for W as W knew this gentle fellow and loved to spend time on his farm, go for tractor rides, explore, chat with E as he patted his dog, etc. E was a lover of children, pets and mostly his family.

W knew this kind man ...that I have known my whole life...a lifetime friend of my parents.... so explaining his death has been enlightening for all of us.

From my previous experience with children and death I have found that kids keep it light...keep it honest and real. They force you to talk and even laugh, which is a wonderful thing. When my dad died this was my nieces keeping us all open and talking. It was a delight to have them around.

Now, it's our Ws turn to begin learning about the circle of life.

It was so sad and yet sweet to hear him talking to Mrs. W about her husband's death. Talk about being on pins & needles! What will he say?! I couldn't make out every little detail he was saying from the other room, but Mrs. W handled it so well.

Later, when I was tucking W in for the night, and we were having our usual pillow talk, I asked W about his conversation with Mrs. W to which he told me...

"Mr. E did get dead."

"He's smiling down on me from up in the clouds!" said with the sweetest smile and slight excitement in his voice.

Three deaths in three months. Three dear friends.
That's enough, thank you very much.

Thinking in W's terms though...makes it all a teeny, tiny, bit lighter...smiling down from the clouds...


  1. They can make it all seem so much easier as they explain things. So much less stress and drama, expectations and such.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. So sorry for your loss. It's nice to hear that your W is helping to make things a bit lighter.