Friday, February 19, 2010

"Baby Bup" 33 Months

Oh, our little man Bup. He's been neglected hasn't he? Blog wise, anyway. Finally here's an update on this little sweetie that brightens our day and torments his brother. That's right. Torments. Sometimes. Bup likes to exert his power by getting physical...pinching, scratching, yelling profanity like, "Stupid Movies!" or "I no like you!" , "Stawwwp", "Oh My!"or just plain old "NO!" at the top of his big lungs.

He's also a cutie. Quick to give hugs and fish pucker kisses and proclaim, "Iwuvyoutoo!" several times a day...just to make sure you're listening.

"Play cars, trucks" building with "yego", watching "Mighty Machine's Dino", Backyardigans and the like are entertainment choices of Bups. But the best is watching him run and laugh, bounce about on his horsey, dance, and then there's gymnastics class. Sweet & hilarious. The child is a little less than coordinated so his trampolining style is too cute. Picture Fibi from Friends on a trampoline...and that's Bup. All over the place, grinning away, and trying to clap, star jump at the same time. He's gorgeous!

R's TSC is still under control. Yay! December brought a review & slight med increase for the Keppra, but other than that all is the same. No seizures. No other side effects from the tumors. Next week is Cardiology and I'm hoping they'll report that the tumors are gone....which happens in young TSC patients' hearts. The tubers often disappear. Weird, I know. That's the name of this Tuberous Sclerosis business....weird...the maybe disease.

Every week it seems like Bup's speech explodes a little bit more. Words become more clear. Sentences become longer. Yes, he's considered behind for his age which is a given considering the largest tumor is in the speech centre, however his speech is improving all the time so I'm not too worried about it.

Bup is definitely a typical two year old. Tantrums and stubborn, sweet and smooth, a little tricky sense of humor and takes delight and tears in teasing his brother, quick to retaliate even if it means a trip to the steps where he'll protest loudly, then quietly resites the house rules, "No fighting, no biting, no pinching, no fighting."

Those beautiful baby blues, sweet cheeks, and puckered up kisses will melt my heart every time.

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  1. "Iwuvyoutoo". This is no doubt the most special - soon to be 3 years old - guy that I know.