Saturday, February 13, 2010

With Glowing Hearts

They're heeeere! The 2010 Winter Olympics!

I couldn't help but get wrapped up in the spirit last night as my FH and I watched the opening ceremonies on TV. Magical. Very impressed by how Canada came through in regards to the showmanship of the night.(Not at all like our lame half time shows at Grey Cup games!)

One of the most touching moments of course, was when Georgia entered. A group of Olympians that small, and close knit to lose a young member before the games even begin. Incredibly sad. The pain that they must all be feeling....and his family! The pride in sending your son to the Olympics and then such a life altering loss. It's heart wrenching. I do cheer for Georgia and wish them every success in the spirit of their lost teammate.

Yes, most "normal" Canadians will be focusing on hockey, Go Canada Go, and curling, Go Team Martin, and all the other winter sports that are truly Canada's games. Not me. What gets me fired up? Maesha.

I'm in love. Please don't tell my husband. I love him too. But oh my goodness, Measha Brueggergosman! A-mazing!! Wasn't she stunning?! Her voice is incredible and yes I'm partial to sopranos, but oh my goodness! And the hair and gown and all of it. As soon as my FH saw her, he said, "Now there's some M hair!" Until the last couple of years I had a penchant for big hair and let me tell you I want her hair! Her voice! I covet it all. What a Canadian gem our country has in Miss Measha. I heart her. I am so looking forward to adding her CD to my repertoire.

W, R and I have been discussing the Olympics and will find a way to add it in to our daily lives. Maybe a homemade flag? Maybe some of our own Olympic games and medals to be won. How fun!

And then there's the Olympic knitting! Did you know it's an event? T'is true. People start and finish a project throughout the Olympics. A fellow knitter at the Wed group I attend creates a sweater through the games. A local yarn shop held a potluck last night and viewing of the opening ceremonies. Me? I will finish the project I am working on, a shruggigan and started a quilt of sorts (upcycled from a Sesame Street sheet that was my favorite husband's when he was 5yrs.)for Bup last night. That will be my Olympic event. A "quilt" for R within two weeks.

Let the games begin!


  1. The Olympic spirit is full force at our house as well! national pride glowing....the opening ceremonies were incredible despite the giant ice "phalic symbol" that didn't "rise" to the occasion! before they even began I had held my breath in prayer, cried tears for an unknown athlete, and had a heart swell with pride as our 206 strong came into the stadium...magical! As for the soloist...hmmmmm a little voice at my house said "oh Mom she is not really very good is she? well unless you like that sort of thing!" out of the mouths of babes (unfortunately Mrs. M....I agreed with him!) GO CANADA GO!!!!

  2. KS...I totally thought it was phallic too!!!!:) There's the great minds think alike business! hee..heee
    I find the Olympics exciting this year...even W was telling me about it last night.
    Enjoy a Sunday full of Olympic TV...unless of course you're at the rink with your own little Olympians!:)

  3. KD was my fave. Wow, what a voice! It's all Olympics all the time when daddy is home around here. I have to admit it's pretty fun to get caught up in.
    We like to watch speed skating, but it's the hubby who makes us watch the figure skating!
    And it seems that just hearing our national anthem gets me misty these days...