Monday, February 1, 2010

The Weight Loss Challenge Drama Outcome

As you all know, Sat left me gasping for air due to my (confidential )weight being posted for all the office to see. (If you haven't been reading lately, scroll down two posts.)

After work I was just in the worst mood and needed something to change my attitude so I went out, leaving my poor husband and little fellas at home feeling jilted and relieved at the same time. I found myself at church...yes, church. I knew I could lose myself there, be anonymous, and hear a message bigger than my problems.

Anyway, part way into the service my phone starts buzzing....vibrating away. I "discreetly" listened to my voicemail...and did not get struck my lightning. Imagine my surprise to hear a voice from of the gals I had emailed. She had checked her work email from home and wanted to discuss my email, was shocked, and bound & determined to find out who had done this.

Five minutes later and my phone is vibrating again. Thank goodness there was no one sitting right beside me. Are the locusts coming now?

Lady #2, my boss, calling to confess that SHE had written the weight on the poster, but that she didn't know it was supposed to be confidential and to please call her.

After the service, I found a comfy chair by a fireplace and called #1. She was shocked by my email...what had transpired... as she had assumed the weight was posted with my permission and had admired how brave I was. Ha! I laaaaaughed. Brave? Not even close. After much discussion she asked that I call #2 who was in tears over the misunderstanding.

Call #2....she fully admitted to posting the weight...thought it was okay to do so...teary....yet stated she would not take full responsibility as she didn't think she was doing anything wrong at the time. I don't get that.

I don't get it! Confidentiality was a rule. Plus, #2 had initially declined joining unless she could be the team leader (keeper of the weights) because she didn't want anyone to know her weight.

Huh? Then how was it okay to post a weight when NO ONE else had their numbers noted?

Now, there was no intention behind this thoughtless mistake. It was just....devoid of attention.

So...I'm glad she felt bad...,however, it's a little disappointing that full responsibility wasn't taken.

Ah well... she did call the office and have the evening staff take the poster down and today it's up with my weight whited out. This cracks me up! A big white-out mark on a colored poster...let the evidence show there is drama about!

I think I'll place a big happy face sticker there.

And make "I beat anorexia" Tshirts for the three of us.

So there it is.... what's done is done. Still blows my mind. I don't get it. Get how someone could be that careless....especially after making a big deal that they wouldn't join if other people would know their weight.

On the other side...I'm not going to dwell on it anylonger as it'll drive me even more mental and then a grudge will be held. Which is not worth it.

It's all out in the open and hopefully lessons have been embraced. What did I learn? That I get a little pi$$y about stuff....I'm still super-sensitive about my weight/size....accountability and confidentiality are under-rated....and lightning didn't strike when my cell hummed twice in church. Wuhoo!! That's gotta be a good sign for something.

"Well, if that doesn't fire you up, then yer woods wet."

Most importantly, one thing I really learned and saw through all this is the comfort and encouragement my friends give me.
All of you who left comments, really touched my heart and held me up. And I thank you for this. It really encouraged me that you all supported me and didn't just think I was off side for even being upset.
So, I thank you. I thank you for your kind words, your spit-fire-fighting words and for all your support.
Thank you, my friends, you're beautiful.


  1. I don't understand either... why would she make such a big deal about confidenciality in the first place and then make this kind of "mistake". AND not take full resposibility for it. Some people I tell ya! I think your so strong for not just loosing it with her!

    I hope you have a better week :)

  2. At the end of the day, Mrs. M....we know who our FRIENDS are. True friends, through thick and thin, ups and downs.

    Just because you tell me I have food in my teeth, doesn't qualify you as my FRIEND.....anyone can do that!

    Lack of responsibility in this situation is an indication of her lack of morality and integrity. This is so "high school" and obviously she hasn't moved on from those times.

    Can't wait for our reunion.....start chillin' the wine! Also, High 5 to you!

  3. At the end of the day, #2 is the only person who should feel embarrassed. (I keep wanting to say stupid, but I've told the kids we don't use that word)
    And you are so much better off to leave this all behind and keep feelin' the love from all your friends!
    Only good energy coming your way!!!

  4. White out on a colored poster. That's a classic! lol

    You're such a sweet-heart. And I'm proud of you for moving on so quickly. Just don't expect the same from me...I'm not so sure I'll ever like my SIL again! ;)


  5. You are one classy lady...always the high road; a better lady than I...pretty sure #2 would need hearing aids when I was done with her...pretty low to not take responsibility....think you should get her a dictionary and high-light the word confidentiality...the least she could have done was made a new poster; the white out on colored paper may as well be a flashing neon light that will continually remind all involved of the situation that transpired....I think a new posterboard is called for! #2 should remember that karma is a byatch; what goes around comes around! Goodluck in the go girl!

  6. Unbelievable! The white-out on the colored poster is just plain tacky! That makes me just as upset. We are rooting for you Mrs. M!