Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Shirts

A little Christmas crafting has taken place in the RWB household.
Cheater crafting.
Easy crafting.
Cause I'm all about quick and easy. More like assembling that true crafting or sewing.

These shirts are going to two of my great-nieces....yes I have great-nieces, 3 of them!...they're not quite finished. I'm going to stitch around the perimeter of the letter/number with a contrasting embroidery thread. I purchased inexpensive t-shirts, used fabric quarters, heat & bond, and downloaded templates off the net. My inspiration came from Sassafrass. She was at a local Christmas Market and I loved her designs, but didn't know what sizes I needed and thought..."I can do that!" So here they are.


  1. ohhh, awesome...I think I might need to try that!!
    just to let you know I'll be copying your idea ;)

  2. Go for it Mrs. Mittens..."copy" away! I look forward to seeing yours.