Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Mini Men

Bup is our little model. He loves to flash his little toothy cheese pose.

"Mommy! Come see my rocket ship! "
Our resident engineer, W. He's the maker of all things and today it was rocket ship day. Off to Mars and other planets where he saw space aliens. I'm sure they went to Jupiter too as that is his favorite planet.

Now, these two little turkeys ought to be served up at Christmas dinner! After a challenging morning...that's a whole other post....I gave myself a time-out in my room. Which is always dangerous but in the long run better for everyone. Anyway...these two little climbers were dancing on Bup's dresser, happy as can be, and the rest of the room was a disaster...the floor was unseen and the change table was empty. Busy, merry boys!

W is fascinated by candles. Which is slightly scary. So today I managed to have one lit for...oh, two minutes...before he snuffed it out.
And that was our day...Merry Boys keeping their mother guessing as to what is next.


  1. You have to love those busy creative minds...as long as they don't burn the house down!
    I think the energy and creativity of pre-schoolers could power a small village if we could just harness it - the real 'green' power! Sparks would be flying off them!

    And oh thank goodness for mommy time outs. Especially when the house is still standing when you come back ;)

  2. I wish I had an ounce of their energy and creative minds...imagine what I could do!!