Saturday, December 26, 2009

An RWB Christmas

Merry! Merry! To you all. I do imagine that the festivities are still continuing today and hope you are with friends and family.
We celebrated with our chosen family (dear, dear friends) on Christmas Eve and enjoyed their tradition of Chinese Food take out...mmmm. There was laughter and gifts and chatting and munching and hugs and a few broken items ...ahem! my boys....and then time to go home to watch Home Alone, set out popcorn and fruit for Santy as well as reindeer food for his crew....and then wrap presents until 2am!
It was so fun to share this Christmas with W as he's the prefect age for innocent believing and excitement. Bup is still to young but he definitely gets the whole present thing. "Presents! Presents!" W was thrilled when he woke up to see presents under the tree and immediately ran upstairs to tell us and then it was all we could do to hold him back from opening them all. Poor Bup had to be woken up so that he could join in the merriment.
Christmas Day brought my husband's side of the family, food and more food...we ate ALL DAY. Dips, spreads, schmears, fruit, turkey, sweet potatoes and even a few green veggies as well. Even Coconut (vegan) Ice Cream. Mmmm! I'm sure we could have fed a small village!
Throughout the food frenzy there were gifts and Hungry Hippo games, picture taking (in which I bribed the boys to be in the picture by offering them a contraband sugar free chocolate!....gasp!...I KNOW! but I had to do something...and it worked...they're in the pictures...not to compliant and smiley,but they're there!).... and playing with lego, augers, trucks and other favorite gifts.
The little boys did awesome amongst all the hoopla...peaceful, fun, happy, agreeable. It was fabulous! And of course short lived 'cause today they are CRANKY and already in bed for naps.
Today...Boxing Day...quiet time for me as I'm working and then we're off to our family tradition of the Zoo Lights. Simply magical.
May your Christmas and Boxing Day be one of peace and happiness....regardless of how you celebrate or with whom....may there be peace in your heart and turkey in your tummy!


  1. Thanks for the wonderful time! Christmas with kids is the most special time of the year - big or little kids - grandsons or my kids plus spouses - 2 + 2 + 2 = 6 now will always be kids to us!
    love Gramps & Gram

  2. Sounds like a smashing success! Love your coconut ice cream =P
    way to work in the new with the old traditions!

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    Christmas with kids is the most special time of the year.

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