Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Pleasantville Christmas

Last night was absolutely idyllic. Picture a winter scene on the front of a Christmas card in which people are riding in a wagon pulled by a dappled grey team of work horses, singing carols, snow is falling, houses draped in Christmas lights....and that was our night. It was lovely...simply lovely.

Favorite Husband, the boys and I attended our community Christmas open house. It was so fun to walk there in the falling snows with the boys traipsing through the snow drifts looking hilarious and adorable all bundled in snow pants and parkas. Bup is too cute in all his winter gear. Especially when he starts to run!

After a quick visit with Santa, at which W held my hand and took me to talk to Santa for him. He wasn't interested in sitting on his knee, talking to him, or a candy cane but he was determined that I would tell Santa what is on his Christmas list. So we knelt in front of the friendly fellow and I explained that W wants Rudolph to have a good day and a hot wheels race track! Mean while Bup is exploring the area wearing a fireman's' hat. Too cute! And then it was outside for the horse drawn wagon ride. No Christmas crafting for us!

It was a lovely evening. Family oriented. Content and happy. Cold wind. Falling snow. Wet bums. Oh! That was B & me from sitting on the straw bales. Red cheeks. Hot chocolate. Christmas lights. Kids singing Jingle Bells. Not mine though. If I tried to sing, I received a swat!

Unfortunately, I didn't have the wear-with-all to bring my no pictures to document the idyllic evening. Ah'll have to take my word for it!


  1. Sounds wonderful...winter wonderland! Kids and santa are too funny.
    And I say Sing on Sister! Jingle some bells! All is merry and bright!

  2. Sounds pretty magical! The kind of day that makes great memories!