Saturday, December 5, 2009


We've had an uneventful, homebody kind of (two) week.
(Besides W's lone quest to find me one evening...that not included!)

Without a vehicle, our schedule dramatically changed. In some ways for the better. I actually quite liked not having to be at appointments, school, gymnastics, etc. This home bound state also brought about feeling a part of our little community...small townish...which was lovely. Walking to the chiropractor...and being oh so proud of my boys as they adapted well to a new Dr. Chiro & especially W who vowed to take care of me & held my hand & toes during the adjustment while R laid his little face by mine almost crying, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy".

Walking with the wagon for groceries, a visit to the dollar store for a treat, the movie store, and at every spare patch of snow W would drop to make a snow angel. Cutie! And frustrating...cause it slowed us down! Come on, I'm not that kind of mom who only noticed the sweetness and not the all know me better than that! My point after all this rambling was nice to walk, enjoy our "towne", be on our own schedule and feel like we live in a community.

There was definitely some cabin fever about. The boys & mine.
I also discovered that Bup is absolutely, without a doubt, 2.
Into everything.
Sassy...."No!" "Go way!"
Running away laughing when it's diaper time...which is cute the first time only!
Loves to "cook"...especially in the pantry. And I can trust him in he can't open lids yet. However! Mr.W can and will do so willingly. While preparing dinner, I could hear the quiet, then the two of them laughing and what do I find? The little cookers in the pantry, smelling very spicy, and R with an auburn head that smelled strongly of cinnamon with W laughing..."Look at Bup's hair!!" A whole bottle of cinnamon dumped on R's head! (Which reminded me of another two which the elder dumped 20 cups of flour on the other's mom has a 10x13 pic of that framed on her wall!) Poor FH almost had his nostrils burned out after sniffing R's head! I thought I had brushed most of it away. Oops! Well, its off to choir practice for me, leaving FH to bathe the boys and fight with Bup to wash his cinnaminny hair. He hates that!!
The other pantry escapade? Bup peeing on top of the garbage can. Yup. Nice! At least it was the garbage can and not the lazy susan or spice rack or...a plethora of other places. Can you believe I admit these things?

Highlight recap:Italic
Walk about "towne". Snow angels left like urban Inukshuks.
Bottle of cinnamon dumped on Bup's head.
Bup peeing on the garbage can.

We're all class here. All class.....

What was the highlight of your week?


  1. The end of your post made me laugh! I love that you'll admit to all the crazyness going on in your house too... kids make life interesting, dosen't it?

    Sounds like walking around your comunity was nice. We used to be able to do that, but where we live now, it's just a tiny bit too far to walk with the kids to run my errands... I really miss that!

    I hope your enjoying your (snowy) weekend!

  2. Keep sharing the love sista! We all seem to think the crazy is only at our own house.
    We're having a bit of a snow weekend ourselves. I don't mind a day or two, but then it starts to get ugly...

    YOur story today reminds me of Northern Exposure. I saw a few minutes of it the other day. Hope you have a car again soon, but glad to hear you're still gettin' out there!