Monday, December 14, 2009

Festive Weekend

Friday....why can't I even remember Friday?
Oh yes! Friday! We spent the day at Alberta Children's Hospital in the Clinical Genetics Department. More later....
Saturday....a day on my own Christmas shopping, getting my nose pierced, a fun, chatty dinner with a super friend and then taking in the A Time For Christmas production. Christmas pageant's, concerts, plays, etc....are just the best!
Choir Christmas concert. It went really well! Despite the freezing weather (-30), people actually attended. One of them was my Favorite Husband! Thanks to a sweet friend who happily took our children, FH and I were able to have a Christmas date. Funnily enough I was on stage and B was sitting in the audience, but it was a date just the same.

Afterwards, we visited with my sister and her family before they head east for the holidays. It was quite hilarious as Bup was overtired and giddy. He's hilarious when over tired...all sleepy-drunkenness. Too cute!

And now it's Monday....a much calmer, saner Monday than last week's. Even though it's icy cold, button up your overcoat cold, wishing for a crocus or daffodil cold....stay warm and stay happy...cause it's winter solstice which means longer days, more sunlight and the promise of warmer weather....4 months from now, but warmer just the same.

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