Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Loopy Lucy

Remind me to never again take cough medicine immediately following ingesting muscle relaxants!
It's no secret that I have back challenges. Especially since having my first born. When he was three months of age I was completely bedridden for a week or so and couldn't even pick my little "chunk of love" up. Since then there have been moments of pain and a lot of chiropractic care, massage therapy, yoga and some physio therapy.
I've been slack over the past two years. Doing very little to care for my back or prevent this from happening again.
It's got to stop! I cannot keep doing this. I want a different life for myself and for my boys. I want them to have a mom that can play and function on a daily basis. Having a weak back is absolutely debilitating. My pain level is probably at a 10. Seriously. Nothing touches it. Even the freaky combination of Robaxacet & Benylyn DM. Which was an accident. I took the B-DM for this never ending cough & chest congestion...and wuhoooohooo the room is spinny, nothing was really in focus and it was better if I didn't operate SAHM machinery....like the blender for our morning smoothie, and god forbid I go near the glue gun for Christmas gifts!
What to do? What to do?
Well, my favorite chiropractor is miles & miles away. And I'm without a vehicle. (Another PLOM story. )
So, I'm about to embark on a new chiro journey and physio to train my muscles to hold my bones in place and I've got to get yoga in there somewhere and guess what else? Yeah, you know it. Lose weight. It's inevitable. Cause really all the therapies in the world won't provide long term help if el poucho tummo is still in existence.
So, God help me. Here I go. Loopy Lucy is aspiring to become Lean'n'healthy Lucy!

(Can I whine any louder? Probably! Stay tuned to find out! Just wait until I get into the Diet Coke & Special K topic...which comes with thoughts on weight loss.)


  1. Hey...I'm all about the whining! Earned me pizza for dinner last night! ;)


  2. It seems like there is never enough time/energy to take care of ourselves properly. But so worth the effort...

    No Lucy in the sky with diamonds for you??!
    I can't even watch it in movies.

    I hope your new Dr. is ever so helpful. I afraid to go because it may require more commitment than I can muster. Oh well.