Monday, May 31, 2010

5 & Dime Couture

The international hobby of most girls: Shopping.
Dangerous. I know.
Unnecessary. That too. I am not supposed to be shopping for Like-to-Have or Wants. Only Necessities.
Today I stopped at a little local charity shop and walked away smiling. It was almost like the IKEA commercial...."Start the car! Start the car!"
Three birthday gifts for three teen nieces plus a couple little items for me.
Whoever thought that a little "hole in the wall" shop would produce high end, brand name and designer items, un-worn, two for the price of three and just waiting to come home with me!
Not one, but three, Juicy Couture handbags (for the nieces....they're a little too flashy for me). These little numbers had a price tag of $10...not bad compared to an original price tag of $198.
Then these vintage inspired mary jane shoes by Sofft jumped off the shelf and right on to my tootsies. Get this...they're not red! You all know I have a penchant for red shoes. To me, a red shoe is a neutral. Red shoes....have you not seen Chocolat? I love that movie. One of my all time favorites. I off topic here?
Anyway, these retro-vibed cuties are black, Sofft, and fabulous! $5, never been worn compared to $98 original price. Where would a SAHM wear such sweet shoes? Why, in the kitchen of course! Just wait until I have sewn a sweet apron to complete the look.
Do you ever consignment shop? A favorite haunt?
Wouldn't be caught dead?
Now, promise me you'll keep my little secret. Shhhh! I'm a couture girl at 5 & Dime prices!


  1. I won't tell if you share the place with me....


  2. I love, love, love the shoes! I'd wear them in the kitchen, in the bathroom, oh and with my legs crossed while sipping on a cup of tea while watching cartoons with my kids too! lol. I mean, any excuse to wear shoes like that, is a good excuse in my book :)


  3. They're fun aren't they? know the's hit and miss there and the same place that I got the children's table and chairs.

  4. I'll be asking you on our evening walk where you're well kept secret shop is, lol!

  5. Great shoes! That will have to be a stop if I ever get to come down sometime for a girls day!

  6. I think you and I may need a girls excursion! Where did you find this store! I have a great little hole in the wall as well - Guess purse for $12 was only one of my many great finds. We'll swap addresses. =)