Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Second to None

My little Free Eating boy is often requesting "hot dogs".
Oh-oh....sad, aren't they a childhood experience? Just not an option for our family.....until today!
All natural, all beef hot dogs with no fillers, no msg,natural casing and a very, very low dose of nitrates. I'm so excited! So is W! The staff here are phenomenal as they offered to make us any type of sausage we prefer and will do so with no nitrates too..."just provide a list of what we can and cannot have". This is life changing!
So, hello hot dogs, hello regular camping meals...HELLO!

To all my vegan, cow loving friends....sorry, tofurkey just doesn't cut it for us. Too much soy, too much wheat, too much stuff. We'll repent somehow.


  1. Yay! Hot dogs are such a big part of childhood, camping and campfires. It would be hard to say no to a child. Glad you found something that's going to work for you!

  2. that's a great choice, for anyone really (of the meat eating variety). My kids love em, but I hate letting them eat the regular ones. Yummy, but nasty. These sound way better!