Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Bup is 3!"

Three I say. Three. How can this be?
He's loving being three. "I'm free!"
What has three brought so far?
- attempting toilet-training..."I don't like the toiyet. I cared." But he sure likes "mackpack" of Toy Story underwear and the stickers and high fives he earns!
- new sayings like, "I just kidding. I say Stu not stupid. Oh, that's nice. Yook at that cool car. Oooooo...pooky ghost. I ghost. and the cuteness goes on...."
- wearing a size 5. Yikes! He's shorter than his older brother but that's it.
- pedaling a tricyle....running and dragging the scooter behind him
- loving the garden...likes to see the "wormans" (thank you Backyardigans)
- movie/TV tastes? Carebears, Backyardigans, Iron Giant, Wonder Pets, Super Why, etc
- books...any & all
- music....the ABC song, Twinkle, Twinkle and "Pum" ( The Little Drummer Boy....gawd I am tired of that song!)
- sporting an Astro Boy hairstyle and only cried at the end of the appointment because he thinks they are going to cut him. "Don't (sob) cut (sob) me (sob)!"
- still loves to "wuggle" and especially when there is a "kiki" (blanket) involved...likes to hold the corner of his kiki in his hands while he is falling asleep, Oh & remember to keep the door open, even if just a crack...took his smart parents months to figure this out.
- foodie.....lots. toast....and anything contraband.
- dislikes....having his hair washed, combed, face washed, having to drink from a glass, and listening to his mother.
- favorites....anything his brother has done first..."don't copy me Bup!"
- and is just do darn cute and edible I can hardly stand it. Mr. 3.


  1. WOW! Happy Birthday Big Boy Bup!

    and much love from your friends and almost twin 'almost 3' E.

    miss you guys,
    let's catch up soon for a belated celebration =)

  2. Absolutely L! We're off to Irma for the weekend.....20 yr reunion...will call next week Tues ish to set up a gathering.

  3. Awww, what a cutie! Happy Birthday Bup!

    (I also want to let you know I'm having a giveaway on my blog your boys might like :)

  4. Your boys are gems!!!! It was so wonderful to reconnect with you and your sweetie again! Take care!