Monday, May 10, 2010

An Aspiring Momma

Oh, Mother's Day.
It's come and gone....yet resonating in my mind.
I spent it recovering from a week at "home", attending my grandmother's funeral, and driving 5 hours with my favorite amazing mother whom I admire and aspire to be like.
This Mother's Day I learned more about my grandmother and my mother's up-bringing...raised in poverty by a determined single mother....and a little about how good I've got it as a mother. Despite all my winging and complaining....I am living the "gravy life" (as my dear brother calls it) compared to my grandmother and even my mother.
Can you imagine at 22 marrying a much older man, who had four kids, three of which he adopted...a city girl moving to a farm? That is my mother's story. Some of it, anyway.
I do have it good! Very, very good.
As an example of how good I have it....upon arriving home Sunday evening...dinner was on the go, wine poured (from a bottle labelled "Mommy's Time Out"), a candle burning on the table (except for the three times the boys blew it out), a sweet little card, and a trip to the "movie store" for a family movie, popcorn with butter and a snuggle with each boy at bedtime. Low key, sweet, thoughtful and wonderful....just what this momma needed.
Tell me about your Mother's Day. Was there a surprise for you? an aspiring Momma....this gal has hit it on the head for me. This is what I aspire for myself as a mother.


  1. Well shoot, if that doesn't make you feel guilty, what does? Where do I sign up? What's first?


  2. I am so interested in your mother's story....which I have never heard. Until next weekend......
    My Mother's Day was sweet hubby met the first set of feet to hit the floor, I slept in until 10 (off and on), given coffee, homemade presents and cards, breakfast, watched many hours of Animal Planet, BBQ roast supper with all the fixing, dishes washed, kids tended to and put to bed......and I am still in my jammies! Went out for a run, came back and put those cozy jammies back on! Best Mother's Day yet!

  3. Your hubby is so sweet!
    I got a nap for Mother's Day.

    I certainly admire our Mothers and Grandmothers and all those who were brave and courageous and hardworking and loving. Strong women! Great examples.