Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Another IPP behind us today.
No surprises. Yay!
The sweetness of today's meeting? Yes, there can be sweetness in an IPP! Hearing the OT chuckle and comment that W is such an amazing kid....that no other child has ever gotten 12 out of 12 on the cutting section of the MFUN assessment. (woot! woot!)
W's Top 10! Oh! My heart has warmed and floweth over as I read this list compiled by W's miracle-working SNA. Miss C has done more than assist and teach W. She has captured his essence. She is a God-send. We are so grateful to have had her in our lives and will be so sad to see her go in the middle of June when school ends.
PUF- still waiting the results as to whether funding is awarded for next year. However, the last sentence of the psychologist's letter included..."severe behavioral...recommends further funding."'s hoping!
I know some people in our personal lives will negate the behavioral aspect, but it's there...and very real, which has been evident since Sunday. We're still reeling from the effects of eating "contraband food" and just settling back into routine after a weekend away. The extreme emotions, "super-fast engine", tears, anger, tantrums, not able to listen or sit still are side effects of consuming food that's on the allergic list for W. These behaviors and emotions affect all in our family....W, Bup, B & me....teachers and friends. It's hard. Hard on W and so not fair. I can't wait until tomorrow when it's a new day, and another day of detoxing from the contraband foods.
School....whoever thought the idea and choice of kindergarten would be so stressful! Is the private kindergarten with small class size, therapists on staff, geographically close in our neighborhood the right choice? Would a regular public school with large class size, no support and in our community be the better choice because it's real? Not the utopia of private school? I DON'T KNOW. The pros and cons do not help me at this point. So far, we are going with private. Here's hoping it's the right decision.
There's the IPP in a nut shell. Sweet and predictable all in one. And that, as Martha would say, "Is a good thing."


  1. being a teacher, I say YES to private too. if it is in your reach, take it. it has options public can't give you. he has his whole life to be a part of the real world and needs the leg up that this program can offer him.

    feel good about this decision
    this door may not be open forever

    you are right about is a good thing!

  2. He hides the behavoural issues behind the cute as a button ( macho button) of a smile he has on his face. I fall for it every time. I'm a sucker! What can I say! Barbershop made a very good point. Take what is offered when you can get it, he is a very well loved boy who can transition into the other scene when he is older, better to have a solid supportive beginning to help him learn his coping skills early! Great choice! There's my unsolicited support for the day.

    Miss you, are getting together tomorrow?


  3. Yes, please M!
    Thanks Mrs. Barbershop! Your teacher insight is most appreciated!