Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vintage Sesame Street "Quilt"

At last! Bup's Sesame Street quilt...of complete! I started this during the Olympics and haven't touched it until yesterday.

Before I get into the details, I have a burning question about sewing.

How in the dickens does one sew on a regular basis, pumping out projects, with children in the house? How do they do it? You know the ones, Disney, Lex, Sewing Dork, etc. Small children and creative, beautiful projects. (They must have girls!) Seems impossible to me. I take months to accomplish a half-a$$ed quilt that is low quality. At one point yesterday, Bup was sitting on my knee, sobbing his little heart out while W was making a bombshell out of Man's World ...only after he had ran the "accelerator" on my sewing machine.

Which brings me to my machine. It is a Brother. Circa 19old. I'm certain this explains the more than amateur sewing technique. Sometimes the stitches are accurate and sometimes they morph into goodness knows what and let me tell you that my eyes must be crooked as my sewing lines are too.

R's Sesame Street quilt is heavy. Don't ya just love a heavy blanket? It will also be cool & warm as it is all cotton. It is recycled, repurposed from 5 sheets. 4 all cotton sheets that my lovely grand-aunts in Kentucky had sent Mom over the years and the piece de resistance of the quilt is the front. A vintage Sesame Street top sheet that my favorite husband received at the age of 5yrs. His mom bought it while on holiday in Las Vegas.

It is sewn into a grid of large squares with satin blanket binding on each end, and cotton quilt binding on the sides. Nothing fancy. Just thoughtful, comfy, heavy and a vintage re-purpose.

What creative project are you working on?

I'm thinking of some others......but when? With my sewing skills? With my machine? Hmmmm.....still thinking....


  1. And I still have my eyes looking for one for you. Funny how the tension changes. Do you speed sew? The faster I went the more it changed. So I tried to stay consistent and everything was fine. Are you able to bring it with you today, I would love to see it.

  2. Good for you friend! hemming and sewing on buttons are beyond me! look cozy and like it was a big hit and that makes all the stress involved along the way worth it!