Friday, May 7, 2010

Farewell Grandma

Grandma has bid this earth adieu.
She left us on Monday morning and I truly feel it was her decision...her plan. You see, she wasn't "sick"....just elderly...95 yrs. On Thursday her daughter from BC arrived for a long awaited visit. Friday she fell...twice....Sat admitted to hospital and Sunday the doctor advised to call in the family. Monday morning, with both her daughters by her side, she took her last breath.
Isn't that lovely? To leave with your children by your side? To leave hurriedly...not drawn out and painful.
I think it's lovely. I think it's great.
My grandma was a woman of a determined who did not sugar-coat things....said it like she saw it whether it was appropriate/kind or not. Certainly a trait that could be annoying and hurtful...but sometimes rather 's appealing. She always knew what she wanted, went for it, and lived her life as she saw fit.
This is a woman of strength. A woman who became a single mom in 1950, with four kids between the ages of 9yrs and 1yr. Can you imagine? A single mom in the age of "Pleasantville"? I cannot. The fact that she provided for her family in one way or another and managed to do what she loved, show horses, grow oodles of flowers, travel back to England often and retire at the age of 65 is amazing. A-mazing.
So, this lady...who I often affectionately referred to as "Grouchy Grandma" because she was open in her opinions....has moved on. I am happy for her because she would not have wanted to live a life with little quality.
Worried for my mom as she has no one to take care of now...and that's always what she has done. Always.
It's the end of a generation. That whole family is gone now.
There is a legacy left behind to live on though....memories, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and even some great-great grandchildren. So, let the legacy begin...


  1. I'm sure she will be missed and certainly not forgotten!
    Hope your family has a fond time remembering her this week. Some laughter along with the tears.
    Farewell Grouchy Grandma!

  2. Oh Miss M....this is sad. No matter how old they are, grouchy at times, short with words, or full of love....we miss them. Hugs to you and yours!
    After listening to your description of her, I have a quote for you I think you will like....

    Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting, "Holy Sh$t....what a ride!" - annonymous

  3. Well said both Mrs. M and Barbershop (love the quote!)...a lady of quality and character that kept those around her guessing....reminds of a grandaughter of hers! my you have peace in remembrance my friend...thinking of you....

  4. Thank you kind friends. I appreciate your thoughts...always.
    Mrs. Barbershop...that quote is awesome! And I will use it often...somewhere, somehow...thanks!:)

  5. Sorry to hear about your Grandma. What a great tribute who have written for her. She sounds like a neat lady.

    Of course you can give a shout-out! I {hopefull} will be posting pictures soon of the actual walk. It was a huge success! I wish you could have been there.