Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Weekend of Celebrations

Four birthday parties in one weekend. Whew!
Unfortunately, the camera was not in use for all events.
Some of the highlights include a flip-tastic partay for a special little 8yr old. W's shyness surprised me....although it shouldn't have.....but he was content and calm so it was a huge success.
If you have gymnast kids in your midst, this is the place to check out for a out of home party.

Then we moved on to a dear friend's 40th surprise bday party. No pics here! Lots of laughs and a night out with my favorite husband. A sweet Saturday night.

Which lead into a busy Sunday to celebrate our Bup's upcoming 3rd birthday. Three!!
"I'm free. Ah want a green birfday with five cakes!" So, a green birthday with five cakes it is!

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