Sunday, May 16, 2010

Green & Lovin' Him

Our little man requested a green birthday with five cakes. Who are we to deny this blue-eyed boy's request?
Today, we had a little party for our little man. It was just the right size for an almost three year old. Not to mention for his parents as well! Birthday parties are busy, fun, exciting, and tiring.
Bup's highlight was blowing out the candles. "More fire, please." They were relit many times and finally the cake was consumed until all five have disappeared.


  1. Green friends had much fun, matched my body earlier in the day too! We all had fun, and the goodies are still glowing. Like the new pic, didn't mean I didn't like the old one, just wasn't you!


  2. great the mohawk....just 2 fauhawks here!
    I like your picture too! Beautiful girl!