Tuesday, May 25, 2010

High School Reunion

An "Old School" long weekend.
Old Friends, old memories, new memories, new laughs, maybe even a new friend or two...
It was great. Easier than I expected.
Yes, there were nerves involved. Well, I'm not the cute little 18yr old I once was and that is nerve wracking. Expectations right? Mostly mine.
Sharing laughter, a few tears, seeing everyone's spouses and children...the kids! Genetics are amazing. I love that my boys were able to play with old friend's children and start new friendships. What a gift.
Despite the monsoon, hurricane winds and cold temperatures a good time was had by all and this morning one son was asking if we could drive to "the Hall". So, it wasn't just me that had a good time!
As a group we remembered those class mates we have lost. Too many. Too young.
and Trent.
Still heartbreaking. Still hurts. Still remembered. Still loved and still missed.
Hopefully, we will all gather again....before another 20 years pass and there are more people to remember and miss.


  1. So happy you had a great time. Isn't it funny how we put the expectations on ourselves and other really don't care. Sorry to hear the weather wasn't the greatest. Glad to hear the boys had fun, isn't that wonderful!


    talk this morning perhaps!

  2. I agree....you said it all. I am still smiling about the whole weekend and so true about all the kids.....they are our most beautiful gifts in life!

  3. Well put my friend! It was a terrific week end and I loved evey minute of it, even those spent shedding tears....it is great to celebrate all that we were, what we have become, and what we have yet to be!~ love you my Knob Sister and I can hardly wait to do it all again!