Thursday, March 24, 2011

Child Life Specialist

I heart "our" Child Life Specialist!
This role here at the ACH has been pivotal in making R's stay calmer and more interesting...not to forget gives me a little break now and then.
Such as right now as I have sneaked away to the Community Resource Centre for some computer time and then to the cafeteria for breakfast. I just can't stomach one more frozen WW meal this morning!
Anyway....Child Life Specialist.
This lovely gal visits us daily with fresh movies or other activities that R can enjoy in his bed. She was integral in having a PALS volunteer visit last night with Raven, the sweetest black lab puppy. R quite enjoyed having Raven sit in a chair beside his bed for a pet and a slobbery puppy kiss.
Even more exciting is the offer to work with us on an outpatient basis to help ease R's fears around having anything done to his face/head. ie: facewashing, applying lotion, etc.
Plus, in June R will be undergoing another brain MRI so the CLS is going to help prepare R for that with play therapy and medical kits etc. Wuhoo! My fears are already somewhat relieved knowing we can help R before the procedure.


  1. Wow, that sounds amazing! So glad your (both you and your son) are able to get all this great help now in the hospital and later as well. That is such great news!


  2. Don't sloppery puppy kisses just make everyone's day!! Nothing like it. Glad he got a visit, I bet he loved it.

    Great to hear you got a bit of a break and wonderful about the future support.