Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Dreams Mommy

At bedtime W and I snuggled in his bed to read two books and then I sang a few of his favorite bedtime songs. Upon finishing, we just lay there quietly for a minute when he says,
"Mom, if you die. I'll keep one of your bones. Uh, yeah, your skull."
"What would you do with it W?"
"I would keep it in my room for show."
"Well, I'm not dying anytime soon so you'll have to wait."
"Good." Big smile.
"Happy dreams, Mommy. I love you...forever."

Maybe cabin fever has set in?
I think so!


  1. fuuunny ;)
    we've been having strange conversations about dead people (family) and their bones lately too...
    a bit unnerving, but you have to appreciate their young minds!