Sunday, March 20, 2011

Neurophysiology Tomorrow!

{adorable Bup at 13 mths with his portable EEG}

Bright and early tomorrow in 7:45am....I will be softly singing lullabies as Bup serenely lays on the bed while 25 electrodes are glued to his head, then wrapped in a netting of stretchy cheese cloth and finally tucked into an adorable backpack.

We will then happily proceed to the Unit 3...oh, maybe after stopping at the cafeteria for a slice of contraband cheese and a diet coke (that's for me!).

Once in the Unit, our warm, kind and TSC aware Nurse will settle us in Bup's room. Here he will love his bed and never, ever want to get off. Except to use the bathroom of course. Bup will be so content to stay in bed for a week; happily watching TV, playing Angry Birds, reading books, and snuggling his "kiki". I will enjoy the quiet time at his bedside knitting, and chatting with my calm, adorable 3 yr old.

With in 2 days the Neuro team will have the information they need and R will be released as the star TSC patient who also happens to have a patient, positive and practical mother in tow.

Oh, what a relaxing all inclusive vacation we will have at the Alberta Children's Hospital!

*wish us luck!*


  1. Sending good vibes your way! Things will be just like you explained ~ I have faith!

    Call if you need anything.

  2. Hope all goes smooth and you get all the (HAPPY) info you need!