Monday, March 7, 2011

Seizure Tracker

This on line tool is probably old news to those of you who live with seizures. Yet, today, 3 yrs since R started seizing, I bit the bullet and FINALLY signed up. Rather than keeping R's seizure activity in my head it'll be documented. When he was seizing on a "regular" basis; multiple daily, these were written down. Lately, I've kept them in my head because they are more random. Well, not anylonger.
March, 2011
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The date for R's long stay video EEG (VEEG) is looming closer all the time. Just two weeks away. So, the more I have on paper the better.

There are moments when I second guess this whole hospital stay. "Really? Am I just exaggerating things and putting R through tests and trauma (cause it's VERY traumatic for him) for no real good reason. After all, his seizures are few in comparison to what they were before and they present in such a minor way. That's my heart speaking.

My head knows different. My head hates knowing.

On the plus side, my husband's parents are going to come and stay with W while R and I are in the hospital. Wuhoo!!! This is amazing to have that level of support and help. W will be in heaven with his beloved Gram-Oh -Doe for 5 whole days to himself!


  1. Oh the war between the heart and the head...I know it TOO well. My energy is always the casualty. Ugh.

    You don't need me to tell you you're doing the right thing...but you are. And I'll survive. ;)


  2. I will be thinking of you and praying for everything to go smoothly.