Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It's been a doozy. Or as Bup would say "a rough day"
After holding him down amidst crying and struggling because he was trying to remove the electrodes from his cute little noggin tonight, finally getting him to sleep at 1130pm, no seizures yet and now no meds, a nurse (not ours either) chastises me for leaving him alone in the room while he sleeps for a few minutes break. Cause someone needs to be there if he seizes.
Well....I don't know if he seizes at night cause we sleep at the same time and if he does and I am there I will be asleep so it won't be documented anyway.

The sun will come out tomorrow, right?


  1. I'm sure you are frustrated beyond words! Hope today goes better for you.

  2. Dr. Rockstar actually makes mom or dad stay AWAKE ALL NIGHT! Thankfully (tongue in cheek) Trevy had enough seizures that they told us to stop pressing the button already and go to bed. :)


    The sun'll come out, hon. It always does. Just not sure you'll be ready for it...



  3. Oh Danielle....Dr. Rockstar would rock my attitude! The problem is I'm totally on my own as my hubby is working out of town. Boo!:(