Saturday, March 26, 2011

Go Golfer Go!

When offered several activity choices for spring, W came up with golf. Golf! He does know he's 5yrs old doesn't he?! So, okay, I'll find golf lessons for little kiddos and they exist! I was pleasantly shocked.
After watching W today, we may have just found his niche. Driving range anyway. Maybe not the whole game...we haven't tried that yet, but he sure loved learning how to connect with the ball.

Bup happily cheered him on with Angry Birds in his hand (uh, yeah...what else?). Everytime W hit the ball, Bup would call out, "Good job W. W wins!" As cute as this was, W's face really shone when an adult walked by with a "Awesome job Buddy!" He said "I'm awesome!" are W, you are.

*pls excuse the quality of these photos...I'm not that talented with an IPOD camera!*


  1. That's awesome! I think we may have to try that this year too. Since we live on a golf course...!