Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Seizure Day!

Day 3 and the seizures have begun. a warped sort of way. But the more activity the better while R is hooked up to the VEEG. The really fantastic part was the first seizure was witnessed by Dr. Neuro and he was able to view the EEG immediately and confirmed that this new seizure is stemming from the right side of the temporal lobe. A new spot for Bup.
Meds were stopped yesterday which explains why the seizures have begun.
So, here's hoping that tomorrow will provide enough information and we can be discharged on Friday.
Also...we're waiting to hear back from Cardiology as to if they can perform a heart ultrasound...since we're here anyway...just lying around in bed, playing Angry Birds, watching movies and such.

Big heartfelt thanks to the friends who visited R today! It was such a treat to have friends to visit with, new activities for Bup and fruit. Amen to fresh fruit!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


  1. Hi Mrs. M :) I hadn't visited in a little while so I had to catch up on a few posts to see what was going on. I didn't understand 100% what's going on, but I'm sending you lots of positive thoughts and hopefully your son can get discharged Friday and everything turns out ok. Take care of yourself and your little guy!

  2. Nothing beats fresh fruit! Hope tonight goes well and you get some rest.