Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vegas Baby!

Fancy schmancy antique urinals at the Hoover Dam.
This is B's photography skills.
A couple of high rollin' gals playing Elvis penny slots. I won $13 and blew it all. Of course, the cowboy boot pina colada helped my gambling skills.
When you super tired and haven't eaten since breakfast, why not dine at a skull based mexican restaurant before the 10pm Blue Man Group show? Both were fantastic! Food and show. A must see. Bizarre hilarity at it's best!

Have you ever had a shark swim over your head? Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef is incredible. To be among sharks and a huge turtle, touching rays, standing nose to glass with massive jelly fish.....super cool as only Vegas can do.

Ever wonder why people are freaky and weird in the desert near Vegas and the Hoover Dam?


Living near all these power lines must have an effect. It weirded me out on the road to the Grand Canyon. It felt like an old war zone. Like people with three eyes would be working the cash register at the local store. My travel partners? They laughed at me and thought I should have three eyes!

Oh Margaritaville! How I love theee!

An order of nachos on night one cause I could eat food that we don't eat at home and look what happens!

Who says it's bigger in Texas? Las Vegas baby!

See? Desert view on the way to the Grand Canyon.

And this! This is what $20 in winnings from the penny slot machines can buy you. Deep fried heart attack on a table. Oreos, Twinkies, hot dogs and somewhere should be frozen bananas dipped in melted chocolate.

Never let my hubby loose with his slot machine winnings!

Just cause it's funny!

So cute at the Canyon.

The Grand Canyon west entrance is a definite must do. The Hualapai people were very kind and the canyon amazing. Overwhelming. While we were standing there on the edge, it was still hard to perceive the distance and vastness.

There ya have it!

A pictoral review of our adult getaway to Las Vegas. The craziness is good for the soul. Rejuvenating. Energizing and exhauting at the same time.


  1. Looks like it's been a good trip! You must not have had the kids with you judging by that mountain of nachos covered in cheese ;) It looks SO good though, lol. Also, I didn't realize your hair grew so much (I'm still picturing you with your short pixie, post shaving). You look great!

  2. In this intense cold I amm experiencing, See my fingers are shiverring while I type, I am a little envious. Good for you for getting away. Its important that you two have time on your own. Looks like it was a whole lot of fun.

  3. Wow, that looks like fun! And warm! And yes, isn't your hair cute!
    I too am envious, but oh so happy for you and the hubs to have a great vacation!!