Sunday, March 13, 2011

The St. Patrick's Day Blues

St. Patrick's Day is coming.
There's green, I mean decorations everywhere.

I dislike St. Patrick's Day. My sister too.

As a kid, it was no big whoop. We're not Irish. Green beer? Whatever.

Plus, family tragedy happened to change our lives drastically over a St. Patrick's day some 20 yrs ago already. 20 yrs! Yes, that's a long time now, but it still resonates in our hearts. I've blogged before about losing my brother. It blows my mind that's it's 20 yrs already. Surreal. My brother was just 25 when he died suddenly, unexpectedly, and violently. ( Maybe one day I'll share some of that experience....but not today)

To add to this horrible anniversary date, it also fell upon the night of an old friend's birthday. I hope Q doesn't think of this every year on his birthday. How wrong. How sad. point to all this is: now that I have small children who recognize and look forward to ALL holidays (thank you school!) I will make a valiant effort to be a little more positive towards St. Patrick's Day. W has been talking about this greenness for days now.

Last year, my nephew asked to decorate for the wee folks and my sister was like "No. We don't celebrate St. Patrick's." Well! Talk about a wake up call for the two of us. Poor kids! It's not their fault or on their radar that an unknown uncle's tragic death haunts our St. Patrick's.

My commitment to St. Patrick's until Thursday...I think I can handle 4 to blog green, craft green each day and even decorate the house a wee bit.

What about you? Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day at all? How? Do share! I could use some ideas!

And with that plea, I leave you a little Irish blessing.


  1. Thanks for the Irish well wishes! Being half Irish meself, I enjoy St. Paddy day...although A LOT more celebration occurred in my single days with copious amounts of green beer! but still, I don green attire, use green food coloring in milk for the kids, make green jello, and of course still enjoy a green beer! I do although, pause each year to remember a great guy with a devillish grin who was taken way too soon....I will be sending much love and hugs to you....can hardly believe it is 20 years! and I leave you with an irish proverb: What do we do to believe? LOVE....What do we do to Love? BELIEVE....hugs my friend!

  2. Thanks my Sister.
    Hugs right back to you.

  3. It's not my fave either, but we had some fun with green milk, oatmeal and a few other snack items.

    Hugs to you my friend!

    p.s. loving your header ;)

    (I've been off-line for a couple of days)